About Write-a-Recipe

Write-a-Recipe is an online recipe and menu costing tool.

Anyone with access to the Internet can register and create a Write-a-Recipe "Site". A Site is a discrete Operation/Business Unit (e.g. a Restaurant/Cafe). You are free to register as many Sites as you like.

When you register a Site you become the Site Administrator by default. The Site Administrator can then invite other users to access the site. The Site Administrator controls user access to a Site by assigning "User Roles".

Write-a-Recipe allows you to maintain a list of Stock Items, Stock Categories, Suppliers and Units by which Stock Items are measured. Stock Items can then be grouped together into recipes. Recipes can then the grouped into menus. Finally Write-a-Recipe can be used to track sales of recipes/menu items.

Aston Court Hotel, Derby

John Rowland, Aston Court Hotel, Derby -

I have been using Count-n-Control now for over 12 months and I have found it an extremely useful tool for monitoring and controlling my food and liquor GP’s. Count-n-Control has met my needs and I am looking forward to working with them in the future as the system develops further.

George Belperio, Fasta Pasta

George Belperio, Fasta Pasta -

Controlling food cost is key to the success of any food operation. Count-n-Control tracks stock usage and produces meaningful operational metrics. With Count-n-Control it's easy to monitor your operation remotely from the internet making it ideal for multi-site operations. I have no hesitation recommending Count-n-Control.

Pizza Factory, London

Ahmed, The Pizza Factory -

I have found Count-n-Control to be a useful tool for tracking stock and controlling costs. It is simple to use and provides valuable information enabling me to better manage my business.

Crystal, Restaurex

Crystal, Restaurex -

I love the program! It has made keeping track of my inventory a breeze!